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In contrast to conventional loans, our underwriters will calculate your income based on bank statements or Profit & Loss statement.

Alternative Qualifications for Self Employed Borrowers

Find out how your Bank-Statements or PnL can help you qualify today!

How Do I Qualify?

In contrast to conventional loans, our underwriters will request 12 or 24 months of your Personal or Business Bank-Statements, or review a signed company Profit and Loss, to calculate your income.

When it comes to securing a loan as a self-employed borrower, we know it can become difficult when asked to verify your income using documents such as W-2s and tax returns. This is where our personal or business bank statement loans come in!

This type of loan can be used for those individuals with more unique circumstances, such as small businesses with write-offs, professional real-estate investors, or freelance professionals working on a contract basis.

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